kids say the darnest things

I made a promise to myself as from this day forth my goal is to post something at least once a week,

one plus working with  kids s that they are always a good source for ideas,yesterday two of my students stayed late and just wanted to do some extra work.. in my head i just wanted to go home, but i let them stay and just gave them some paper to draw with while i cleaned up my room. They just started talking with each other & the convo. got really interesting so i turn on my camera just to pick up the audio.. HA HA .. they   just talked about their  pets, but in turn that just lead me to  visualize it ,so when i got home i stared storyboarding it and this will be my next project
i have a cat
no you dont
my cats are nice
i forgot my other dogs name
if hes a big dog then he is a pit bull.. lol


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