December Feature Artist

Jamaican-born artist Bernard Hoyes is our a artist of the month.His inspired dancing lady was a great way for me to incorporate traditional dance ,drumming, and art to our students kick starting our celebration of Kwanzaa .We viewed painting of his works along withe a short clip of his dance production “Seven Painting a story in Performance”

 Students almost always draw images too small, so requiring art to touch all four sides of the paper helps to eliminate this tendency.I handed out to each student an 8.5″x11″ piece of paper and ask them to draw two hands to touch both sides of the paper
A simple dress is drawn connected to the hands, with a hem that touches the bottom of the paper. No feet are necessary, just a simple outline of a dress.
A neck and head are added, either straightforward or at an angle.
A turban and center knot that touch the top of the paper are added. Once the drawing is done, all the pencil lines are traced with a thick black marker. The skin is colored, along with the dress and background.

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