why I teach

There are some moments when I m reminded why i love to teach art, I had one such moment today. A former art student of mine stopped by to pay me a visit. He told me that he is going to process to follow his passion in the field of art. Hes studying architect. He wanted to become an tattoo artist but after doing an internship in that field he shifted  his view (lol) but he said , he’s been slacking a bit with his drawing & when he doesn’t, he feels like he s missing something, To that i responded” if its your passion you will Never be able to walk away from it just means you need a break, just never stop”.

I love to see my talented students travel down the colorful ,creative path of art, That’s why I teach..

BTW… He gave me this drawing to hang on my Dont Stop Wall!

Loving it!

Dont stop

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